The American Irish Historical Society headquarters reopened March 16, 2008 after a two year restoration and renovation.

The Society, founded in 1897 to inform the world of the achievements of the Irish in America, is today a national center of scholarship and culture.

From its home on New York’s Fifth Avenue, across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Society serves as a focal point of the contemporary transatlantic Irish experience, a place where current public issues are explored, and where the great renaissance in Irish culture is celebrated in lectures, concerts, art exhibits and a literary journal.

Non-partisan and non-sectarian from its beginning, the Society welcomes new members and is pleased to make its library and select events open to the public.

American Irish Historical Society

“That the World May Know”

The American Irish Historical Society is performing a noble work in bringing to light the history of the Irish people in this country, particularly the achievements of those early immigrants who came from Ireland long before the outbreak of the Revolution and planted themselves as the advance guard of a conquering civilization on the borders of the Indian-haunted wilderness. I am proud of my membership in the Society and I am proud of the strain of Irish blood in my veins.”

- President Theodore Roosevelt

 Washington D.C. on January 16, 1909

991 Fifth Avenue. New York, NY 10028. T: 212.288.2263 F: 212.628.7927  Monday - Thursday 10-5; Friday 10 - 1:30

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